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New Joiners Martin Davies


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Pasaran sukuk dijangka terus berkembang Utusan online


Rising interest rate unlikely to impact Sukuk market


Sukuk market unlikely to slow Business Times


Article on Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance: Grey Areas of Halal - Alcohol by Fakihah Azahari

Article on Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance: Shariah Principles of 'Transformation' & Assimilation' by Fakihah Azahari

Article on Islamic Finance

Grey Areas of Halal - Transformation and Assimilation by Fakihah Azahari

Email Encryption

We value the importance of secure email communication and are constantly upgrading our system to ensure that it has the most current email encryption facilities. We are pleased to announce that we are able to support TLS encryption and authentication protocol.
Contact your Account Officer for more details.

Article on Islamic Finance

Articles on Islamic Finance by our Islamic resident expert Fakiha Azahari


International Treasury Services operates exclusively with wholesale participants in the banking and finance industry in the following areas:

  • Technical Training and Management Development
  • Financial Consulting and Strategic Planning
  • Learning and Development Software

ITS is an international company that has its primary base in Asia. Offices in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, London and New York are interconnected with the Singapore office and provide a firm foundation to inter-connect with the globe as a company intent on monitoring the activities of the world treasury financial markets.


With a team of consultants who are at the forefront of their industry in experience and initiative, ITS is continuing to become an international influence in its own right.

ITS Managed Learning Network

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