Magellan on-line training

Magellan On-line Learning is a browser-based system that delivers markets know-how on the PC via Intranet, CD-ROM or World Wide Web.

Each module includes:

Relevant theory and the underlying mathematics

PC software models to explore pricing and risk

Self-assessment exercises and multiple-choice tests

Hands-on trading sessions on Risk Manager?

Step-by-step product/market guide

Illustrated examples of applications and strategies

Animated graphics

Extensive on-line glossary



Each module begins at an introductory level and quickly takes the user up to intermediate level and is being developed to an advanced level. By using Magellan On-line Learning, prospective workshop participants can assimilate (or recap) the fundamentals in their own time and at their own speed.


This ensures better matched workshop groups and more effective use of workshop time. Users can e-mail completed multiple-choice tests from Magellan On-line Learning courses to their line managers, training administrator or course tutor for assessment. We believe that Magellan On-line Learning would bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Systematic, timely and flexible staff development

  • Shorter release time for classroom training, hence less time spent away from the desk

  • More effective use of valuable workshop time

  • Direct training-cost savings

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