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Hong Kong Foundation

Global Markets for IT Developers

Major International Bank

Just wanted to say another quick "Thank You" for the very interesting course on global Markets that you delivered. Obviously it was not "presenting some book knowledge" - as you said, this could have been delivered via eLearning. Enriching the material with a lot of real world examples - and even personal life stories of a person that has experienced a lot and seen quite some corners of the world - made the course  a very pleasant one. You mastered to keep us under tension throughout ... even having to unite many different backgrounds and age levels in the audience.

Hong Kong Foundation Global MarketsMajor International Bank

I am so lucky that I can attend your class as actually I am the replacement of my forfeited colleague. Being in your class is so enjoyable and I really think you are so much better than every teachers/professors I have ever met in my life. I am really appreciated that you are willing to share your valuable experience with all of us. Although I cant digest all your words (as the course is a bit too rush and I am too new to these financial products), I gain a lot from you! 

Hong Kong Foundation Global Markets Major International Bank

Your course was real inspiring and brilliant. I feel I've learned more in the two and half days than in the past two years. And the part of the course that is most inspiring is when you digress a bit and talk about your own opinion.

India Intermediate Treasury Finance Major International Bank

Nic Weston was really amazing in the knowledge and really effective in the training. Made a big impression through his training skills on all the attendees of training program 



India Intermediate Treasury Finance Major International Bank

Nic Weston as a trainer was very good. Attending his first training inspired me to attend the ones for which I was not nominated, to gain knowledge as his way of training was very practical

Taiwan Intermediate Credit Risk Major International Bank I'm glad to have the opportunity to join the training of "Credit Risk for Global Banking"  and meet you again in HK in the week of 16 Nov. The training is so much comprehensive and better than what I leaned before. Will you come by Taiwan, please also drop a note and we can catch up. Hope we can keep in touch.
Singapore Foundation Bonds and Repo's US Investment Bank

The trainer has real work experience and was able to quote a lot of real life examples. He did very well. Nothing to add. The trainer applied some real experiences into the course and it created a such an interesting explanation of the course. Trainer was able to apply the theories and hard facts of Bonds and Repos to today's market context. He is a very experienced trainer who is good at delivery and professional at the same time.

Australia Foundation Capital Markets US Investment Bank

“His experiences during the years, life examples”, “Practical and industrial knowledge”, “Gave me more insight into how the markets work”

Singapore Intermediate Equity Products US Investment Bank

He made an otherwise boring stack of notes into a lively lesson, the atmosphere relaxing and conducive for learning.

Singapore Intermediate Equity Products US Investment Bank

The instructor did well in bringing in practical examples that had happened or currently happening in the market, and bring in relevance to the course by referring to the work the firm is dealing in.



Credit in Derivatives Major International Bank

I am so happy to see your email, and even happier to know that you will deliver the course for us again in 2009. I have just called my Head of L&D and told him what an outstanding trainer you are. He told me he has heard of this from many colleague. I am really happy for you.

Singapore Foundation Bonds and Repo's US Investment Bank

I attended your class today on Bonds & Repos. Not sure if you can recall you I am, but I was the last guy sitting right at the end.  Anyhow, this morning I came in thinking it was going to be a boring day but the first 5 min of your session woke me up. =)  I found the class insightful, practical and meaningful.  Thank you so much for educating us.  It helped me gain a better understanding on how fixed income is used as a tool for monetary policies, investments, portfolio management, etc.

Bangkok Foundation Global Markets Major International Bank

Nic, Thanks for the recent course. Enclosed is the feedback which was 5.71 out of a possible score of 6. The delegates are still talking about it. Well done!

Dubai Intermediate FX Dealing Skills Public Course

Those days in Dubai with you and Ali, Ahmed (2) and Noor were ever memorable. Needless to mention your interactive and lively lectures.  The course helped me a lot to gain good knowledge on the FX Trading and I am confident I can better serve my company in the days to come. 



Trading Skills

Major Australian Commerical Bank*

Very positive feedback from the day. Asked to rank the course (you were included as part of the survey on the whole grad programme) on a score of 1-5 you got all 4s/5s for an average of 4.6 … great result … well done and thanks!

* - we are bound by confidentially not to divulge the client name  

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