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A powerful on-line Search Engine and Web Database developed to satisfy a growing need to provide a service to the worldwide training and seminar industry.


Global Course Finder® is FREE for delegates , easy to use and includes hundreds of different courses covering Financial Markets, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing. We are constantly expanding our course database and updating existing course schedules.


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Delegates answer a few questions about their experience and specify the search criteria they are interested in and the system searches hundreds of training courses and matches based on:

  • Experience and skills level
  • Course aspect
  • Location
  • Training Provider

ITS has developed a unique search engine enabling potential course participants to search through an expanding database of courses, e-learning, journals, artilces, books and DVD to meet their leaning requirements.


With a traditional search engine, if your topic in is not under the course title, you usually won’t get a result. But with Global Course Finder® YOU WILL, because we input the course programme right down to subject level. In the course detail, you can see what other topics are taught in the programme.

If you don’t get a result, then you can create a request which will be forwarded to a training provider or processor. You will be notified when that course is made available.

If a course has been conducted in the past, you can add your name to a waitlist and will be notified when the course is scheduled again.

Keeps you up to date with your nominations, waitlist status and records of the courses you have attended. Track your course hours achieved and project them to end of year to see if you are going to meet the requirements of your profession.

The system works with a sophisticated profiling tool to present search solutions to you in a realistic sequence. If you are new to the industry, the system will prioritise the results with foundation courses first. If you have been in the industry for a few years, results will be ranked intermediate, advanced and then foundation. Courses that you complete will also update your profile automatically.

If you are in an organisation that is using Managed Learning, you can attach yourself to the training function and then view all your in-house programmes as well.


For more infomation on our inhouse solution for training management, visit the Managed Learning page

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